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I can't understand how anyone can believe in electricity, magnetism, combustion, and not believe in magick. Energy is energy is energy. If you can shine a beam a light from a flashlight, you can channel magickal energy from you mind and will in a direction to influence a change. Flashlights work with photons that can be measured, though certainly not completely understood. What particles/waves flow from the mind to direct the outside effect?

How effective the magick is depends on the strength of will and the inertia and/or momentum involved in the change of direction. We could call it ESP instead and make it a little less mysterious, I suppose. It's still just physics.

What it is physics, how it FEELS however is pure magick. There is a theory, called “The Theory of Everything”, or the “String Theory”. It purports to unite quantum physics with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. The only hitch seems to be the mathematical necessity for a whole lot of alternate universes. Sigh.

But the part I can grasp is that everything is made of dancing strings of energy. It’s just so elegant. And it is so easy to visualize. It’s what we used to call “vibes”.

I just have to make my strings influence other strings. If mine are strong enough, or the “purposes” close enough, I can make things happen (or not happen). The most important part of magick is the ability to concentrate and hold strong to your purpose. Someday this will be commonplace, and it will have a fancy new name, but we Witches will know the truth. I do enjoy saying, “I told you so…!”

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