Raising Little Heathens

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The Ugly Duckling's Daughter

A Fable


I’m sure you have heard the story of the Ugly her egg accidentally rolled into a duck’s nest, and how she lived as an outcast among the ducks until she discovered that she was a swan, not a duck, after all. This is the tale of what happened after she joined the flock of swans and began a family of her own. This story is about the Ugly Duckling’s Daughter.

She took the swan name of Swanlinda, or Beautiful Swan, but she did not have an easy time living in the flock. Having been reared by ducks, she had had no swannish role models. While she had experience as an outcast, but she had none as a member of a group.

She was very cautious. She watched the behavior of what seemed to be the “in crowd." She was beautiful, and she was smart. She was good at copying the other swans. For instance, swans hold their heads high upon their necks, looking disdainfully at the world. She held her head highest and straightest, looking neither left nor right. She darted her beak into the water for a snack without the slightest splash, never missing or dropping her prize. She remained aloof from all other lake residents and visitors, consorting only with other swans.

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