Raising Little Heathens

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Kids scry like they breathe. The trick is to get them to look at something other than the TV or computer screen. Once you get them to look, they can gaze for a lot longer than adults, and see more stuff.


They donít censor what they see, so they accept the images into their conscious minds.

The concept of scrying is to look through a window into a place where linear time does not exist. This allows you to see things past, present and future. The tool is not terribly important except as the window itself. Itís what lies beyond that is the goal.

Some of the most famous scryers are the prophets, such as Nostradamus (who used a mirror), Edgar Casey (in a trance state), and Jules Verne. Most female scryers were either killed or institutionalized. The most well known of these is Cassandra.

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