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Baba Yagas Hut
Baba Yaga's Hut

I started learning about the Deites when I was a very small child. My family would tell me stories about Baba Yaga, read me mythology, and take me to all sorts of dance and music concerts. I remember once asking where “God” was. My mother said “everywhereI walked over to a trash can, kicked it, and announced “I just kicked God”. I couldn’t understand what was so funny.

Through the years I’ve come to know and enjoy a relationship with certain Deites: I love Baba Yaga. She’s the Crone that I grew up with, being a Slavic Witch. Artemis is an aggressive partner when you hunt and gather. This comes in very handy when garage saling. Aradia, Goddess and Avatar of the ancient knowledge, guides you through the mazes of life, and leads you to information on “How to Cure, How to Kill.”

But Bauba is my favorite. She is the ratty old Crone who made Demeter, while in the paralyzing clutches of depression, laugh, by telling her jokes with her vagina. She teaches not to take anything so seriously that the joke cannot be found. Ariadne keeps me from getting lost and gets me places without maps or directions. This drives hubby crazy. I drive, and he sits there with his maps and Thomas Guide, giving me directions, which I ignore.

We went on a driving trip once from LA up the coast to the top of Oregon. We had a video camera with us. Apparently we didn't turn it off. We have a whole reel of the underside of the dash board, and the sound of Chuck and me arguing about every single branch in the road. Our kids keep the tape as a classic example of marital communications.

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