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Girl with dogs

I share my environment with various other beings. There are varying numbers of dogs. At the moment, we have, from the smallest to the largest: Fiona (Fifi), a Pomeranian; Angus (Gus), a black cocker spaniel; Angel, by name and by nature, a small lab chow mix; and then there’s Griffith, part Rottweiler, part Australian Cattle dog, and the rest is anyone’s guess. He’s 120 pounds of the smartest dog I’ve ever encountered. He knows he’s a dog, but feels that a lack of thumbs is no excuse to exclude him from any activity. The cocker and pom share 1/2 a brain that they pass around and occasionally misplace. All are rescues, and since we tend to acquire 'ancient' cast-offs, there is a turnover.

My husband and I have always been at odds when it comes to discipline. I feel that you should discipline kids and not dogs; he feels you should discipline dogs and not kids; the end result is that no one gets disciplined except me.

Lilith is the kind of snake who even people who are afraid of snakes adore. A California King Snake, she is a princess, a wimp and a cuddlepuss. She's afraid of mice, but loves being petted and fussed over, and flirts with her reflection in the glass of the terrarium. She somehow knows when someone is going to take her picture, and will pose until the click of the camera. That's pretty good for a being without ears or a cerebral cortex. She also has a crescent moon mark on her forehead. I take her to school in the summer and the kids take turns holding her around their necks. I think they think I'm her pet. She likes kids a lot.

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