Raising Little Heathens

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Wonder Women and Green Men.


Costumes are really easy to create. Keep them simple and allow the children to fill in the details with their imaginations. Dressing like a deity really brings the energy home to roost.


They don’t even have to be traditional Deites My youngest, Lisa, was crazy about Wonder Woman™ when she was five. The television program was a big hit at the time, and provided a wonderful role model for young women. We made her a Wonder Woman costume. This identification still empowers her nearly twenty years later. We are lucky to live in a period of time that provides so many powerful female role models.

    “More Beautiful than Aphrodite, Wiser than Athena, Stronger than Hercules, Swifter than Mercury, She was known only
    as Wonder Woman!”

  • A red tube top and blue shorts; or, red leotard and blue bathing suit bottoms
  • Red boots (galoshes will do)
  • The tiara -- cardboard and aluminum foil; or plastic head band painted gold
  • Bullet-repelling wristbands -- cardboard and aluminum foil
  • A golden lasso -- gold curtain tie back
  • Belt -- any metallic belt (cinch belts works best)
  • Stick on silver stars
  • Gold and silver paint for details

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